2022: Website Launches On Tap.

After a couple years of awful vibes and chronic germaphobia, 2022 presented an opportunity for a fresh start to us all. As the Year of the Tiger commenced, we at Orb decided to approach the year with the ambition, vigour, and adventurous nature of the Chinese zodiac, aiming to become kings and queens of the proverbial marketing jungle. And before you say anything, yes, the Tiger is the king of the jungle in Chinese culture, not the lion. Lions live in the desert.

At Orb, we’re pretty well rehearsed in shouting about other brands, but every now and then we think we deserve a little self indulgence; and despite only being halfway through the year, we have plenty to be proud of.

If we were to try and tell you everything we’d been up to during this first half of the year, we’d still be writing this article in 2023. With that in mind, we’re taking this opportunity to focus on just one branch of the towering redwood that is Orb operations; new client website launches.

From luxury catering to gutter cleaning, we’ve launched an impressive 10 websites already this year for clients from all backgrounds, each so sexy that page 1 of Google was practically begging us to feature them. Across this list of clients, we encountered requests to build websites that modernise the online presence, reduce bounce rates, and of course — the one thing that every marketer hears in their sleep — increase sales.

Whilst we’d worked with a number of these clients previously and knew their brands like the back of our hands, others were new to the Orb family, and for some reason decided to stick around after meeting us (must be the biscuits spread we out for meetings). As always, new clients and projects always come with new challenges, and juggling a new brief and getting to know a new brand, all whilst broaching amicable, yet efficient, working relationships is bound to present a few obstacles. Fortunately, despite countless Zoom meetings and ‘one last’ changes, our team of dynamic, intelligent, and humble professionals eat obstacles for breakfast, which is why within 6 months we’ve set live 10 websites that have the bounce rates of a broken trampoline and convert like a religious epiphany.

So, what does the rest of the year have in store for Orb? As well as more website launches, you can expect to see more stunning brand work hurtling out of the minds of our creatives. To sum it up, expect to see more. More projects, more creativity, more drink/sugar fuelled shenanigans. More Orb.



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