How brands stand the test of time

From an iconic logo, to a well-loved tone of voice, to an outstanding product. There are so many elements that go into creating a successful brand. When it really comes down to it, branding acts as a sign of quality, and a quick history trip can demonstrate that.

A good brand is like a green light

Think of some of the biggest and most memorable brands in the world. Your mind might conjure up brands like Coca Cola, Nike, or Apple. When these names are mentioned, you most likely already have an image of their reputation, heritage and what they stand for. It’s not just global brands either. There are plenty of small niche brands with super fans.

Thinking fast and slow

We’ve touched on this before in a previous blog about brand building which you can check out here, but here’s a crash course on the ‘dual process’ theory.

Follow the white rabbit

Associative network theory (or the white rabbit theory) focuses on the power of words, feelings and colours, and how these elements influence the way people think and feel about a brand.

The power of brand strategy

Brand strategy simply means creating principles and distinctive elements that make sure your brand stays top of mind when it comes to purchase. And it should be your north star when it comes to marketing. There are four key elements that make up a strong brand strategy: consistency, memorability and distinctiveness.

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