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Implementing your internal brand

A common mistake is going to all the effort of creating a brand that perfectly captures who you are, and then doing nothing with it internally. Slowly over time, this will erode your customer experience.

1. Tailor your recruitment

Integrate your brand values into your hiring process as well as performance reviews. Make your recruitment as much about cultural fit as skills and experience.

2. Appoint brand ambassadors

You need to encourage, recognise, and reward on-brand behaviour. Appoint people within your organisation to take ownership of and constantly push and monitor your internal culture.

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Train your teams — abstractly.

3. Train your teams

Make sure you go beyond just sending round emails that are easily ignored; learning about your brand needs to be an interactive and integral part of life in your business. Create dedicated onboarding programmes for new arrivals and refresher programmes for existing staff. Don’t make it a chore; help them understand the value in being on brand.

4. Internal brand days

Host events for your staff that bring your brand to life. It doesn’t have to be particularly work focused, just involve activities that represent your culture, ethos and values. Make sure you’re highlighting the links between what’s involved and your brand.

Here’s an example.

We recently rebranded a leading national recruitment company, People Solutions. The new brand was all about their approach, culture and customer experience, therefore the internal aspects of the brand were just as important as the external.

People Solutions launch day.

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