Strategy Planner Job Ad

3 min readApr 16, 2021

Strategy Planner

We are looking for a talented, mid-level strategy planner to join our growing team. This role balances creative, analytical, and strategic thinking. You’ll be conducting rigorous analysis and market research to understand customer behaviour, running stakeholder and customer strategy sessions and then using this information to develop brand and marketing strategies that raise brand awareness, drive customer growth, improve a brand’s positioning, and generate revenue.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Run multiple projects concurrently — we are a fast-paced agency, so you will work on multiple projects each week, sometimes each day.

· Design and run strategy workshops — these used to be face to face, but thanks to a certain virus, we’ve moved these online. It takes a lot more energy, but we have an approach that works really well. You will design and tailor these to each client project.

· Conduct market research to understand clients’ competitive markets

· Run stakeholder research to deep dive into a client’s business

· Tell compelling insight-led brand stories

· Analyse data — from wading through customer research and surveys measuring brand recognition and awareness to designing customer surveys — you’re happy to pull insights from data to create a competitive strategy

· Using your great copywriting skills, you will write compelling brand strategy documents that really capture a client’s tone of voice and brand story

· Employee engagement — ability to onboard a whole business and bring the brand to life for every employee

· Create persuasive ad copy — whether it’s an in-house ad for Orb, a headline for an outdoor poster, social ads, or blogs, you’re happy to turn your hand

· Present to clients — we don’t have lots of layers, so you will present your strategy directly to your clients and need to be confident debating strengths and weaknesses of a direction

· Collaborate with creative teams — you will work closely with the Creative team to bring your brand strategy to life and ensure that all direction is “on brand”.

· Must be able to work from the Birmingham office when required

Knowledge and skills

· Develop original, credible insights based on sound evidence

· Write imaginative and inspiring briefs that can result in excellent creative work

· Deliver inspiring briefings to the creative team

· Use insights to articulate various elements of a band strategy including mission, vision, values, proposition, and key messaging

· Understand how a brand architecture is translated into a communications strategy

· Be able to set up and manage qualitative research projects — including writing proposals, briefing agencies, writing recruitment spec and discussion guide, providing estimates to clients and keeping track of costs

· Be a sensitive moderator of groups

· Can analyse data to extract useful and meaningful insights from data

· Persuasive communicator

· Develop a solid understanding of a client’s business, the market, the consumer and competitive set

· Excellent time management skills

· Brilliant attention to detail

Cultural fit.

Skills are important, but so is making sure we’re right for each other. The Orb team is professional all of the time, fun most of the time, eating half of the time, and drinking some of the time! We’ve got a good mix of personalities, but the common theme is that no one takes themselves too seriously. Everyone is comfortable being themselves, everyone is willing to “muck in” when needed and help each other out, and we’re passionate about what we do.

So, if you think you’re a good fit with a strong track record and want an exciting challenge then get in touch with your CV and anything else that will help us choose you.




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