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The real purpose behind brand purpose

Brand purpose. A topic that seems to crop up over and over again in marketing circles — especially at a time when people are revaluating what’s really important to them.

What is brand purpose?

Part of the confusion around brand purpose seems to come down to definition. But most people would agree that your purpose is your why. It’s simply why you do, what you do.

Why authenticity is everything

It might seem like a good idea to tie your brand closer to ideals that your customers care about, but don’t make the mistake of making promises or goals that go far beyond what is actually possible — or what people want. Just ask Pepsi.

Positioning is everything

The best way to make sure your brand is meeting the needs of your customers is to start at looking at your brand proposition and positioning. Our brand strategist Tink, recently put his thoughts together on this, but here’s a summary of the key attributes of brand positioning.

  • Your what is the easiest; what does your business offer? It’s important to consider a little detail.
  • Your how is all about your approach; think about your methodology for delivering solutions and experiences for your audiences.
  • Finally your why; this is perhaps the hardest part to your brand positioning. It’s simply about why you do, what you do. Think about the impact your service/product has for your customer.

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