Welcome to Present Bank.

There are around 4.2 million children living in poverty in the UK. When money is tight, birthdays and Christmas can be the hardest times of the year. For children in families that are struggling to make ends meet, there is no new toy — nothing to unwrap.

Motivated to do something about this, Justine Brooks set up Present Bank. Partnering with UK Food Banks and the Trussell Trust. Present Bank distributes £50 Argos vouchers to the families with the greatest needs. It’s all about bringing some normality and happiness to these children’s’ lives.

Present Bank got in touch with Orb as they needed a brand that communicated who they are, what they were trying to do, and engaged people to donate. We jumped at the chance to help such a great cause.

We were inspired by Justine’s passion and dedication for what she was doing and felt the brand needed to reflect that. We didn’t want this charity to feel glum, instead, we wanted to focus on the positive impact people could have on a child’s life. The brand was built around the proposition of ‘Put a smile on a child’s face’ to communicate that this is more than just a toy being given, this is a moment of happiness and excitement.

This “moment of happiness” was brought to life in the visual identity through abstract confetti shapes, while a vibrant colour palette helped give the brand energy and positivity.

Present Bank has already exceeded its donations target with money still rolling in. The charity has put a smile on over 150 children’s faces in just a few months after launching.

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you helping us, this is going to help so many children have some joy this Christmas. You have done a brilliant job. It is beyond what I could have wished for, I truly feel very lucky, thank you for making it happen. This really would not have had the same impact without your expertise, so thank you so much.

Justine Brooks — Founder of Present Bank.

The Present Bank is not just for Christmas; it’s to help families all year round. Every single penny raised goes towards Argos vouchers and you can donate via their app, which you can download for iOS or Android by clicking the link below.




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