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Your internal brand matters

It is easy for businesses to overlook the importance of their brand internally. Attracting and retaining customers is directly linked to revenue so it is only natural that they are seen as the key audience for a brand.

But it is equally important to consider how you are going to engage your own people and create a connection between them and your brand. Your brand is making a promise about the experience and benefits that you’re going to deliver to your customers. Therefore, it’s vital that your people know what that is, understand how they can deliver it, and feel motivated to do so consistently.

Your internal brand should be seen as the authenticity element of your brand. There’s an ever-increasing emphasis on brand purpose, and while not every brand has to be out there claiming to save the world, all it means is evoking something beyond profits.

Too many businesses pluck a few generic brand values out the air, maybe they even get them painted on the wall and leave it at that. An internal brand is so much more than this, it is something that lives and breathes; it’s your entire culture, it’s your how and why. It should be guiding your recruitment decisions, inspiring your employee behaviour, and delivering benefits to your customers.

Have a think about how your brand works internally at the moment; is it doing the things mentioned in this blog? If not then you probably haven’t got an internal brand.

It may seem more of a nice to have than an essential, but it can make a huge difference to attracting and retaining the best talent. And consider your customer experience. If people understand and feel part of something they believe in, are they going to be more or less motivated to go the extra mile?

If you’re interested in more about internal branding, we’ve got another blog on a few basics of implementing your internal brand or you can check out or you can get in touch with the team here.

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